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New York Skyline for Lolo’s

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 by in home |

Crysler gargoyle - developed copy

Crysler gargoyle - developed copy


Occasionally I get a brief where, despite my catholicism being very lapsed, and my all round divinity being pretty questionable, I have to raise my eyes to the sky and whisper ‘thank you God’

And this is most certainly one of those. For the lovely Laura at Lolo’s, who has turned that beautiful but neglected building into he most stunning shrine to New York art Deco. She’s done a truly amazing job. So when she asked for a big piece for the main room, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I absolutely love Art Deco. As far as I’m concerned, it was the absolute pinnacle of style and design. Its all been downhill from there, I’m afraid.

So for this I’ve pulled elements of New York architeture – mainly the Chrysler Building and put it together as a monochrome illustration. More linear and radial blends than you can shake a stick at, so a slight departure for me.

We’re now pushing the boundaries of what we can print, and frame. We want this 2.5 meters wide, and in a pewter frame. This is proving…. erm… ‘challenging’

We’ll get there though. I cannot wait to see this up on the wall in that stunning main room