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Super chilled

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 by in home | 0 comments


Amongst doing all the commissions and the landscapes, all of which I love doing (this isn’t me moaning in a #firstworldproblems way, honest!), I’ve maybe lost touch a bit with what started all this in the first place.

And thats producing frankly daft and thoroughly frivolous illustrations to promote our Monday Night Pub Rides. They’re silly little snippets of life, but no less valid, so this one is going up :D

This one will finally include riding on ice – as it looks like winter has finally arrived! It features the profile of the location – Blackstone Edge – as the background. The rider is Julian on his Yeti. And the ice lolly we all recognise from our childhoods as the legendary iconic Nobbly Bobbly!

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