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What I Do

I hope you like the artwork you see on the site. I get an immense amount of satisfaction from producing it, and I hope my passion for it comes across in my work. I like to work in a bold, graphic style, and I firmly believe you can never have too much colour.

I like to make every piece of work I produce unique. So the work you see is just to give a flavour. As well as the images here on the site, I can produce bespoke individual artwork. So whether its your favourite view, or a place thats special to you, its always a pleasure to interpret that for you.

If that all sounds like it might be a bit pricey… it isn’t. Its very important to me that art shouldn’t be a luxury, but accessible and affordable. And the prices reflect that. Just drop me a message to find out

You can contact me on or call me on 07949 241118