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Who I Am

Hello there. Thanks for having a nosy at my site. Well… as you’ve taken the trouble to have a look at my work, I suppose I best tell you a little bit about myself. I’ll just put the kettle on…

I’m an illustrator who’s lucky enough to live surrounded by beautiful, rugged, post-industrial landscape of East Lancashire,  I’ve been inspired to depict what I see around me. It’s not hard to find inspiration here. I’m always out and about – on the mountain bike with the lads, or tramping through the woods with the kids – all the time snapping photographs, of scrawling  sketches of what I see around me. Over the years of doing this I’ve now developed the distinctive style you see here. Whether its from the stunning scenery, the local landmarks, or the unique and distinctive quirkiness offered by local institutions like the East Lancs Railway.

As the mad old world of the interweb means that once my stuff is out there, its everywhere, I’ve now branched out in to pictures of landscapes all over the world.  So if you’ve a favourite place that you’d like drawing up, then just email me and we’ll get something put together for you

You can contact me on or call me on 07949 241118